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Blurring the lines between business strategy
and software engineering.

Rolling out a new redesign of this site

It's been months since I started working on a redesign of my own website, but here it is, in all its splendor!

Reading The Secret of Our Success, by Joseph Henrich

"Numerous societies, including hunter-gatherers, have culturally evolved an immense range of detoxification techniques for cycads. By contrast with our species, other animals have far superior abilities to detoxify plants. Humans, however, lost these genetic adaptations and evolved a dependence on cultural know-how, just to eat.”

Joseph Henrich

I'm using Anki to pass the boating license

Studying becomes a process, rather than a haphazard reading of the material.

Art Direction

I'm experimenting with layouts and exploring the possibilities of CSS. Checkout Labs.

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